Aliton Photography | About

Aliton Photography, based in Glenrothes, Fife, is an established and well respected portrait and wedding photography studio, run by photographer Tony Hoing LMPA

We have been delivering a range of photography and when it comes to taking pictures, we can honestly say that we love what we do, the passion and enthusiasm that we have for our work is evident in our photographs

Finding the perfect photographer for your wedding photos, family portraits is understandably a very important decision. By choosing Aliton Photography as your photographer we are aware that you are awarding us the privilege of spending time with you and your loved ones and capturing your happiest, proudest and most memorable moments, so that in years to come you can look back and remember.

In return, we can ensure you that we will use our skills and experience to make sure those memories are as clear and as captivating as we can. When it comes to style, our aim is always to capture the moment as it happens, in a natural way and our inspiration comes from the people we are photographing and the environment around us.

It is important that when you are having your picture taken you are relaxed, calm and most importantly, having fun. Providing a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere means that we will get excellent shots and you will have special memories made to last a life time.